Monday, September 23, 2013

Goodbye Guild of Vampires

Two days ago I logged on to see the following:

Welcome to Realms of Despair, Vilexur...
You were last online on: Thu Sep 19 20:10:36 2013
Thoth's Rune on Vertic Avenue
Walking down the cobbled roads of Vertic Avenue, you come to a section of road which widens into a square.  A massive rune of teleportation has been engraved deep into the ground here, symbol of the scriber's might. Walls surrounding the castle and church are to the east and west, while Vertic Avenue ranges to the north and south.
Exits: north south
A large man, scarred in battle, strides boldly and hefts a large axe.
Harakiem is shrouded in flowing shadow and light.
Harakiem is surrounded by a mix of ice-shards and sparking flames.
There have been 3 news items posted since you last logged on.

A change in the Realms has affected you personally:
Warning:  the organization Guild of Vampires no longer exists, and therefore you no longer belong to that organization.
Following this I found the new Guild of Spirit to join with the other vampires, paladins, nephandi and clerics in our new guild. So far everyone has been great to meet and worked well together. I will miss the Guild of Vampires but change will hopefully lead to a new and improved era for the Realms of Despair.

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