Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Deck of Many Things (Round 16)

I haven't been on the Realms of Despair much lately due to a few real life issues. I've had a few things I've been wanting to try out but they can wait. Today though I did find the deck again. I wasn't feeling lucky so I decided to use my cheaply dressed evil cleric to pull the card:

> Small Hut
These are the living quarters of these villagers.  Very simple looking, it is circular in shape with pots and pans along one side, an outhouse along another and miscellaneous items scattered about.  These people live a very simple life with no luxury.  You wonder how they entertain themselves.
Exits: west
The Deck of Many Things lies in wait for a brave soul.
The Deck of Many Things says 'If you can find a card within me, you might be lucky enough to draw something of value.
However, once you submit to chance, you put yourself at the mercy of the cards.
The Deck of Many Things winks suggestively.

> exam deck
You take a closer look at the Deck of Many Things on the ground...
The deck takes the appearance of a very finely wrought and veneered wooden card case, yet the strong magical aura surrounding it offers proof that this artifact is not simply what it appears to be.
The Deck of Many Things appears to be full.
The Deck of Many Things contains:
     the Key to the Deck of Many Things

> g key deck
> You get the Key to the Deck of Many Things from the Deck of Many Things.
The Key to the Deck shudders menacingly.
You drop the Key to the Deck of Many Things.
Vl'aresch gives you one gold coin for your sacrifice of the Key to the Deck of Many Things.
Be Forewarned : You could lose all that you own.
Juxarn has been given the chance to draw from the Deck of Many Things.

> g card deck
You get a card from the Deck of Many Things.
A mystical being appears and points at you. Your senses reel as you are flung through the void to another place.
The card twists and wriggles in your hands.
A great flash of light envelopes the room, blinding you momentarily.
When your vision returns, you see that the Deck of Many Things lies before you once more.
It is highly recommended that you examine the deck before drawing from it. When you are ready, simply take the card.

> g card deck
You get a card from The Deck of Many Things.
You see that you have drawn Justice.
The image of Justice fixes you with a stare that seems to pierce your very soul.

A stern voice echoes through the void, proclaiming your judgement and fate.
Justice says 'Your chosen path in life is mistaken. Those who willfully refuse to see the value of balance cannot be permitted to prosper.'
Your coin purse suddenly feels lighter.
The cold winds of never rush through the void, whipping the card from your hand and returning you to the mortal realm.

> look
A grey tiled hallway
You are in a grey tiled hallway leading north and south. Dim balls of energy float here and there shedding a warm light, and showing the way.
A feeling of peace and balance comes over you.
Exits: north south

> where

Players near you in High Tower of Sorcery:
| Juxarn         (Arcanes)               | A grey tiled hallway
I'm not sure if that card would have done something different if I was using a neutral aligned character, but in the end it only cost me a few million gold coins.