Sunday, June 7, 2015

Twenty Questions

Following the announcement of a new round of 20 questions on the Realms of Despair twitter account I decided 'd give it a go and see if I could track down the board in Vast Horizons. It didn't actually take me too long to find the board:

Checking the board I read up on the rules and saw that one question had already been posted:
[  1] Ceirana: 20 Questions - Game Rules
Fri Mar 20 10:37:45 2015
To: All
The game host will choose a specific thing for you to guess correctly.  They will give an opening hint or category, such as this example: "I'm thinking of a mob in the Realms..."

You may ask a YES OR NO question by posting it on this board.  One question per note.  Write your question very carefully!  It will be answered exactly based on how you write it.  The game host will post the answer on the note board after they read your  question.

You may not ask two questions in a row. This includes alts. There must be a question posted by a different person before you can post another question.

The hosting immortal reserves the right to remove any questions that do not follow the rules.

If a questioner guesses the correct answer (which must be done as one of the 20 questions, as in "Is it Harakiem?"), they win the game.  If the answer isn't correctly guessed after 20 questions, the game ends and nobody wins.

Say 'note' and 'quill' and you will be given a free note and quill.
[  2] Ceirana: Next Round Begins! You are trying to find which mob....
Tue May 26 12:03:37 2015
To: All
The thing you are searching for now is a mob in the realm.  May the best questionner win!

Please refer to note 1 for rules.  Enjoy!
[  3] Klaatu: question #1
Thu Jun  4 19:36:41 2015
To: 20 ?
Klaatu flaps his lips making a breeze - all should listen
did the mob exist pre-shattering ?

Klaatu has spoken - resume normal activities
I found it kind of tricky landing at the board and then having to think of a question. Without an answer to Klaatu's note posted yet it could literally be any mob in the whole Realms. Without thinking too much I posted the following note on the board:
[  4] Varlok: question #2
Fri Jun  5 09:57:52 2015
To: 20 ?
Nice new board.

My question: Is the mob a shopkeeper?
After posting this note I thought of better questions I should have asked like "Is the mob evil?", "Is the mob male?", "Is the mob located in xxxx geo?" and so on. When I managed to teleport onto the board again the next day to my surprise Ceirana had posted answers to the first two questions on the board as no and yes. This means we are looking for a shopkeeper added since the shattering... Unfortunately for me I couldn't post another note since no one else had posted a question since. Hopefully next time and hopefully I'll be able to win the competition.