Monday, September 16, 2013

Dragon Ore

It seems as though the movement towards the guild mergers is speeding up. This has been shown in the last week by quests exclusively for members of the various guilds with a storyline around first a plague needing dragon blood to create a cure followed by one now where the dragons are getting angry in turn seeking revenge. To counter this the aim is for the guild members to find dragon ore to create different weapons with. The quest starts at Duke Luther:

The Throne Room
Castle Darkhawk's glorious Throne Room is an immense hall, reminiscent of Notre Dame de Sioux design.  A high ceiling of stained glass depicting Odin's might allows the sun's light and warmth to filter into the room.  A host of small, brilliant balls of light float about at the commands of the Duke, aiding numerous peasants to read their declaration or request.  A dozen rows of wooden pews allow the citizens of Darkhaven to sit as they wait patiently for their turn to speak.  A throne of solid gold, adorned with rubies and jewels, is where the smiling, seemingly trustworthy Duke normally sits.
Exits: north south
Duke Luther is sitting here, cloaked in a majestic cape.
Duke Luther welcomes you.
Duke Luther says 'I have a task for you guild member... please ask me about the quest if you are up for it. The future our Darkhaven is at risk...'
>say quest
You say 'quest'
Duke Luther exclaims 'Welcome my valorous Guild member, It is time that we begin to put together our forces... it appears the dragon's are angry!'
Duke Luther sighs loudly.
Duke Luther says 'So, to that end I've requested Farrar, my faithful armorer, to gather ore and smelt it to make weapons to fight these beasts. The metal is a special one, made from dragons themselves...'
Duke Luther grins.
Duke Luther says 'Go see Farrar for more information.'

It's good to see Duke Luther doing some leadership. Farrar then says to you:
The Castle Darkhawn Forge
This small hut has been hastily put together to allow the Duke's personal armorer to smelt ore into metal. Located just outside the castle, due to the fumes, a simple foundry, anvil and table and chairs are the only things within the room of note.
Exits: southeast
The Castle Darkhawk foundry burns brightly as it converts ore to metal.
Farrar, the Duke's personal blacksmith, aids in the defense of New Darkhaven.
Farrar looks up as you enter.
Farrar says 'Well met Guildmember. Are you here about the Duke's request?'
>say quest
You say 'quest'
Farrar nods solemnly.
Farrar says 'Yes, the duke has requested that I stop everything and begin smelting ore into metal so that we may make more weapons to fight a possible dragon attack.'
Farrar looks at you.
Farrar says 'I am told that the Duke is only trusting Guild Members to aid in the collection of metals for me to smelt. I see you are a member, so if you would like further information, please ask about 'smelting ore'.' 
>say smelting ore
You say 'smelting ore'
Farrar says 'The dragon ore is all over the Realm. Just dig it up! Once you find some ore, put it in my foundry and it will create bars of metal that we can utilize to forge dragon weapons.'
Farrar says 'As I've taken on the duty of smelting the raw ore, Irdrak in New Darkhaven has taken on the task of forging the weapons. You will need 3 bars of dragon metal to get him to forge an appropriate blade.'
Farrar says 'Depending on the quality of the dragon metal bars, she may be able to make lesser or better weapons for our use. Once you get the weapon, come back and see me for your reward.' 
So I first went and found myself a shovel item to improve my chances at digging. My personal favourite is the small pick axe from the Desert of Despair. It is hidden in a crate within that area. I like it because it has a weight of 1. After picking up this it was time to go digging in the dragon packed areas. My first success was in this room in Dragon Pass:
Nearing the End
The trail you follow has widened significantly and you feel the tension draining from your shoulders. The signs of other travellers fills your heart with joy knowing that safety should be close at hand.  Your pace quickens when your eyes catch a glimpse of a tall stone wall far to the north.
Exits: east northwest
You begin digging...
Your dig uncovered a large rock filled with dragon ore!
>g ore
You get a large rock filled with dragon ore.
>exam ore
You take a closer look at a large rock filled with dragon ore in inventory...
This large rock appears to have dragon ore throughout it. This would be ideal to smelt down and make into dragon metal bars.
>c id ore
Object 'a large rock filled with dragon ore' is infused with your magic...
It is a level 2 ore, weight 5.
Special properties:  none
This ore has a gold value of 1000.
After looking around I found five more pieces of ore between Dragon Pass, the Village of Edo and Ocean Keep. Once I had 6 pieces of ore I started smelting in the foundry back at Farrar's room:
 >p ore foundry
You put a large rock filled with dragon ore in the Castle Darkhawk foundry.
Heat radiates around the Castle Darkhawk foundry as the ore is smelted into its base metal.
The Castle Darkhawk foundry launches a bar of dragon metal out onto the floor.
You get a bar of dragon metal.
Once I had my six bars of metal I took them to New Darkhaven's weapon seller Irdrak in the Daring Attack:
The Daring Attack
Racks line the walls of this tent, each filled to the brim with weapons. You grin evilly at the items of destruction, and try out a couple on the practice dummies hung from the ceiling.  A counter in the center of the room is where the keeper of this shop does business.  To the west is the Solid Parry, while an opening in the tent to the north leads back out onto Market Street.
Exits: north west
An important looking scroll hangs from a wooden board.
A man hammers at a steel blade here, cursing under his breath.
Irdrak looks at you.
Irdrak says 'Welcome Guild member... if you're needing to turn in some dragon-metal simply say 'I am here with dragon metal for you to forge'. 
>say I am here with dragon metal for you to forge
You say 'I am here with dragon metal for you to forge'
Irdrak says 'Welcome Guild member, let me have a look at the dragon metal you've had crafted.'
You give a bar of dragon metal to Irdrak.
You give a bar of dragon metal to Irdrak.
You give a bar of dragon metal to Irdrak.
Irdrak says 'Ah, yes... these will do nicely. Let me see what I can make with them.'
Irdrak begins to heat up the dragon metal.
Irdrak hammers the dragon metal and sparks fly off in many directions.
Irdrak looks upon his work, a satisfied grin upon his face.
Irdrak says 'This metal will work nicely and I'll be able to create a sturdy blade with it.'
Irdrak gives you a dragon metal sword.
Irdrak says 'There you go... now take it back to Farrar for a reward.' 
Once I had the sword (and a dagger too) I took them back to Farrar and for the reward:
You give a dragon metal sword to Farrar.
Farrar exclaims 'Ah, Vilexur, I'm glad to see you back. I see Irdrak was able to make a nice sword for you. This will come in handy in the coming fight!'
Farrar smiles at you.
Farrar puts the weapon safely away.
Farrar exclaims 'Your first weapon returned... well done. This sword will be a good addition to our armory. Please bring more!'
Your glory has been increased by 2. 

It  was great to see a quest like this and to earn a small amount of glory too. A big thank you to whichever immortal made this quest.

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