Monday, February 23, 2015

Two-lips and the Unhappy Ogre

Over the last week there has been a quest being ran by Akael that involves a heartbroken Ogre hoping to persuade his true love with bunches of flowers. The questnews about this quest is:
(  1)  Akael        02/16/15     Flowers for Gobba - All Levels
A lovesick Ogre is hoping for some help, one East of the Crossroads (9e).
The final date to hand in is March 8th.

Some important notes:
- The items he's looking for will be on the ground, or on specific mobs.
- The items save if you log off.
- He will want collections that are different...for instance:
    - (1 pink, 2 red) is the same as (2 red, 1 pink)
      but you could hand in (3 pink), (1 pink 2 red), (2 pink, 1 red), etc.
    - There are five colours, worth varying point levels.
- You can sell or trade the items, but you can't auction them.
- Please use only one character to hand in the items... any alts found handing
      in items will forfeit their points.
- ANY LEVEL can participate...but lowbies, please be careful out there!!!

I've found the tulips quite tricky to find - I guess I'm not the only one searching for them... However today I managed to find one in Morgul Vale which got me up to three tulips and enough to hand them in as follows:
 A Rock Strewn Trail
Exits: east south west northeast northwest
An unhappy Ogre is longing for his one true love.

A lumbering ogre looks up at you, and a wicked gleam enters his eyes.
For a second you fear for your life...but then he sighs and looks forlorn.

Murg says 'No worry for you. Murg has no hunger. Murg's love angry at Murg.'
Murg sighs.

>give tulip murg
You give a sunny coral tulip to Murg.
Murg says 'One...'
Murg says 'One is not Boo-Kay. You give more Two-Lips?'

>give tulip murg
You give a pretty pink tulip to Murg.
Murg says 'One...Two...'
Murg frowns.
Murg says 'No, Two is not Boo-Kay. Murg need more.'

>give tulip murg
You give a pretty pink tulip to Murg.
Murg frowns in concentration.
Murg says 'One...Two...and one more than that'
Murg thinks hard.
Murg says 'Is more than two. Is Boo-Kay!'
Murg grins.
Murg says 'Me keep Boo-Kay. Now Jessyl get more Boo-Kay.'
Murg says 'Gobba will like Murg! Thank you Jessyl!'
So that's one bouquet down of 2 pink and 1 coral tulip for me. Hopefully I can find some more before the deadline and hopefully Murg will win the heart of  Gobba.

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