Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Deck of Many Things (Round 10)

Found the deck again... Blah blah blah... Was excited to find it in an area where I had only ever seen it once before. The results were:
>g card deck
You get a card from The Deck of Many Things.
You see that you have drawn the Idiot.
The image of the Idiot on the card comes to life and regards you with his face contorted into what he imagines to be a thoughtful visage.
The Idiot exclaims 'Well met friend!'
The Idiot puffs out his chest and proclaims 'I'll do thee a favour my fine friend and send ye far, for travel surely broadens the mind, and what finer venue could a seeker after knowledge visit than my own favourite abode?.
The Idiot nods to himself. It appears he often converses with himself.
The Idiot waves goodbye to you.  Have a good journey.
The cold winds of never rush through the void, whipping the card from your hand and returning you to the mortal realm.

The grass here is very long, reaching up past your ankles up to near your knees. The fence here is now intergrown with various vine like plants, almost as if in a symbiotic, or parasitic, relationship.
Exits lead east and south.
Exits: east south
The Garden is located in Abattoir Asylum. All up it was the most anticlimactic and uneventful card in the deck I've ever seen.

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