Monday, April 7, 2014

Demons and the Rift

When I am on the Realms of Despair I always have a number of projects going on. These can include levelling, exploring, preparations, running large mobs, questing, searching for certain items and so on. My current projects include:
  • Levelling a warrior. It's currently level 35 which means it is at the start of the level 35-40 range which is my least favourite levels to complete. Not sure if I will reach level 50 with it or keep it at level 49 for my next project...
  • Macmillan Family Farm. This is a newer area that I've been doing a little work on exploring. I need a higher level non avatar character to kill some of the mobs there more easily. I've solved a few puzzles there but need to figure out some more.
  • Belial - I want to run this mob again. I put in a fair bit of work figuring out how to run this mob but need more practice at killing it. Plus I need to level a druid to tank/lead this mob with.
  • Dark matter... There's more to this item than meets the eye and I want to find out how far you can push it and if there is something to do with it.
  • Crusader tasks - the Guild of Spirit has a set of tasks to complete to raise the crusader rank of the player. This is a good idea and the tiers of it do test a lot of different skills. I've completed the first tier (though still need to submit the items).
  • The Deck of Many Things. I posted enough about this last time but am still searching.
And this leads to this weekend's efforts: Sesuad'ra Rift
This area I've never fully explored. In the past all I have done is go through the first maze to get to the second maze and killed the babau demon for the cleric leggings. I know that this area also leads to the lower part of the Underworld... I don't know the lower Underworld very well but want to learn it so that I may be able to lead a group or two into killing some of the more powerful mobs with better equipment there.

The first part of Sesuad'ra Rift is a maze. In it there are rooms with exits in all directions plus a glyph. Each glyph will have a bit of ascii art on it and most will have a different letter as well. In total there are nine different glyphs with letters on them. The way through this part of the rift is to find the room with a glyph that has a letter T on it as shown below:
The trick to finding this room is that it seems that only the north, south, east and west exits will take you to a different room. All of the other exits take you back to the same room as you are in. Once in the room with the T simply type "onslaught" to pass on through to the next part of the area.

The second part of the area is another maze filled with aggressive demons. Most of the demons here are quite easy and can be stunned to death easily. The only exception is the babau demon which when killed with a cleric that is ip 1 will pop the cloth leggings of the chosen. I usually kill this one by using a warrior with a nasr to first track it down and then get it down to DYING, supplicate recall out the warrior and finish off with the cleric.

I killed all of the mobs in the maze repeatedly but couldn't figure out how to get past the maze. I'm assuming its a trans maze where I need to wait for long enough in the right room. My next effort will involve marking every room using springs, fires or balls of light. However, looking around the maze did lead me to a couple more mysteries...

Two of the demons in the maze - the chasme and nabassu demons drop interesting items: The Tear of the Gods and skin of the Gods. Both of these items are not very good statistics wise but it is the description on them that has me wondering what else is going on. For example the skin of the gods description says:
The belt glows with an unearthly light that is entirely too wholesome to
have found its way around the demon that once wore it. There is a story to
be told about this belt...
That makes me wonder - what is that story and who should I go to for answers?

The second mystery is a journal I found lying around near the start of the second maze. When you examine the journal it comes up with this:
A clue to Abishai's Morgue hidden all the way over in Sesuad'ra Rift??? Sometimes when you go exploring you get more questions then answers. Either way it gives me more to think about and try to solve.

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