Thursday, April 17, 2014

Abishai's Trail...

After the last post I realised that Gartock is hiding within The Graveyard. To get to him you need to find the ghost down inside the earthen tomb maze and attack it with a low level character - lucky for me I have an augurer sitting on level 15. After killing the ghost it revealed Gartock in disguise.
Your pierce decimates a ghost!
A ghost is DEAD!!
You receive 66 experience points.
Your final blow rips the disguise from your attacker!!
Gartock looks around nervously.
Gartock says 'Ok, what do you want...I don't have the dagger...'
You see no corpse here.
You do not see that here.
The obvious response is to start talking to him about everything he may know. He responds to the following:
> say Abishai
You say 'Abishai'
Gartock snaps around to glare at you.
Gartock wonders 'What would you know about The Wizard?'
Gartock suddenly looks years older as he rakes you with his eyes.
Gartock sneers 'They all laughed at him! The rift is open, isn't it?'

> say rift
You say 'rift'
Fear flashes in the boy's eyes for a moment.
Gartock says 'It's open, I saw it. Before Abishai died, I saw it.'
A haunted expression crosses the boys face, as he remembers.
Gartock exclaims 'It was dark, but you could see them. Red, green, black, they were there!'
Gartock says 'When I came back the next day, he was dead and the morgue was locked up.'
Gartock sighs loudly.
Gartock says 'Its here. The dagger is here. If I can just find it, I can get inside.'
Gartock says 'The witch said it was here. In this tomb. I'll find it, you'll see.'

> say wizard
You say 'wizard'
With a sigh of agitation, the young boy slumps against the wall.
Gartock exclaims 'Look, what do you want from me? He's dead, ok?! '

> say witch
You say 'witch'
Gartock snorts in disgust.
Gartock says 'If you want to call her that. Even I can see her 'magic' for what it is.'
Gartock says 'She's nothing more than a pretender, she has no real power..'
Gartock sits down and thinks deeply.
Gartock says 'Though, she seems to have the answers to many questions about the Rift'
Gartock peers at you quizzically.
Gartock says 'I suppose you want to know where to find her now.'

> say where is the witch?
You wonder 'where is the witch?'
Gartock gestures to the north.
Gartock says 'You can find her in the courtyard of the old tomb sometimes...'
Gartock says 'Can't miss her, she's the one mumbling 'magical incantations''
Gartock snorts in disgust.

>say morgue
You say 'morgue'
Gartock wonders 'Ya telling me you didn't see the morgue when you came in?'
Gartock falls against the wall laughing at you mercilessly.
Gartock says 'If you can't be seeing something that big, when it's right in front of you,'
Still laughing, Gartock says 'you'll never find that dagger!'
Quick as a whip, Gartock darts off into the darkness once again. 

After this I adventured around the graveyard to find the witch and have a chat to her after collecting a skeleton hand and finger. She had the following to say:
Outside the Tomb
Exits: east northwest
A delicious magic mushroom is here.
A modest flame burns beneath the bubbling cauldron.
A black cauldron squats in the center of the courtyard.
A beautiful woman hovers in the air brewing spells of summoning.
The witch pauses in the middle of casting her spell to glance at you.
The witch says 'Greetings Iryx, it is not safe here for you.'
The witch says 'Unless you have brought me something I need...'
The witch grins at you.
The witch says 'I think you had better leave quickly.'
The witch gazes thoughtfully at you and says 'Hmmm.'
The witch says 'Have your brought a finger of bone?'

> say dagger
You say 'dagger'
The woman's mask of indiffernce slips, but only for a moment.
The witch says 'Someone has been speaking before they think. Tell me Iryx, what dagger'
The witch wonders 'were you speaking of? Who sent you to me to ask such a thing?'
Your blood heats as the witch stares at you intently.

> You say 'gartock'
The witch snorts in disgust.
The witch says 'I knew he could not be trusted, that boy is pure trouble.'
The witch sighs loudly.
The witch nods and says 'Yes, there is a dagger here in one of'
The witch says 'the tombs. It is buried, but not deeply. Find it, and you will gain'
The witch says 'access to the morgue.'
The witch frowns at what you did.
The witch says 'Be certain that is what you really want, they will not welcome you.'
The witch looks behind her, then suddenly vanishes with a cry of alarm.

> give finger witch
You give a bony finger to The witch.
The witch smiles in satisfaction and gathers the spell components.
The witch frowns.
The witch exclaims 'Quickly Iryx, give me the hand of the dead to finish the spell!'

> give hand witch
You give a skeletal hand to The witch.
The witch nervously smooths the folds of her robe.
The witch exclaims 'Rainbows of fire, ashes of wine. Dream evil, summon the demonkine!'
The witch gasps in awe as a twisted apparition materializes.
The greater demon decimates you!
(a sailor's hat gets damaged)
The greater demon mauls you!
The greater demon's slash wounds you! 
I was hoping I could get more information about the rift from the witch but this did all result in getting me into a fight with the greater demon. After killing the greater demon I popped a blessing of demons. I've never bothered to do this mini-quest before but it was a handy item for my augurer. I then went back to inside the earthen tomb and dug up the dagger:
Inside an Earthen Tomb
Exits: north east south west northeast northwest southeast southwest

> dig
You begin digging...
Your dig uncovered a silver dagger!
You gain 40 experience points from your success!

> g dagger
You get a silver dagger.

> rec tablet dagger
You recite a magical tablet of disclosure.

Object 'a silver dagger' is infused with your magic...
It is a level 11 piercing weapon, weight 1.
Locations it can be worn:  wield
Special properties:  none
This weapon has a gold value of 100.
Damage is 2 to 8 (average 5).
Affects damage roll by 1.

> exam dagger
You take a closer look at a silver dagger in inventory...
It has a long, sharp blade that is made entirely from silver.  A small rune
has been engraved on the blade next to the hilt.
This seems to be a piercing weapon.
It appears to be within or below your level range.
As you look more closely, you notice that it is in superb condition.

 In summary I found out a few more things about the Abishais/Graveyard/Sesuad'ra Rift mystery. I'm sure there's a lot more to it than this but I'll unravel the mysteries sooner or later.

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