Sunday, October 9, 2016

Bereft in Deadly Bloom

I've been working a little on Zistrosk's undead scourge quest. The quest message is:
(  1)  Zistrosk     10/08/16     A dangerous undead scourge marches across the Realms...
News has reached Darkhaven of a deadly group of undead souls that have been involved in sinister trapping rituals. Peaceful living beings are having their very souls extracted and trapped in gravestones! The gravestones seem to be most commonly found near those with great power, where adventurer deaths are common. The motivation of the  undead and the purpose of their soul storage are unknown, but it is clear that their intentions are not benign. Who or what could be behind this sudden attack on the Realms?

A call to action has been raised by the good citizens of Darkhaven. Find these gravestones, free the innocent souls trapped there, and fend off any undead souls that dare to make themselves known.

Scapezist's Note: This quest will run throughout the month of October, with a climactic end-event on Saturday, October 29th. While any level player may free souls, only AV players should fight the undead, so choose your one char to involve in this event wisely. When questing, be IP1 in the area, and if player corpses are on the ground at the undead please select another target to attack. Quest activity will be tallied automatically. Declare your quest character to me please before you start, so there is no misunderstanding (tells/mudmail). Scoring will be a composite of gravestones sacced, and undead kb'd. All actions must be taken on your declared quest character to count. If you have yet to start this quest you have until the final event on the 29th to join in.
After trekking around the Realms I found my first grave in this room one before Blackmote in the Tower of Despair. It appears that Zistrosk has put a lot of effort into this quest. Here it is:
The Last Cells
The cells to the east and west are denied access to by a pair of iron-bound
wooden doors.  Upon each door is a sigil depicting a crescent moon entwined
by serpents.  Both cell doors glow with a red light, outshining the flicker of
the torches.  A lull descends over the hallway.  The horrid stink near the
altar has faded, but been replaced by wisps of a strange ether.
Exits: north [east] south [west]
The ground is covered in a thick misty haze of undead evil.
The gravestone of a trapped soul lies here preventing a happy afterlife.
A mystical spring flows majestically from a glowing circle of blue.

>exam gravestone
You take a closer look at gravestone on the ground...
Sacrifice the gravestone and the following happens:
>sac gravestone
Vl'aresch gives you one gold coin for your sacrifice of gravestone.
The gravestone crumbles into rubble, freeing the poor trapped soul within.
The Undead Minion Master moans as its power weakens!
Vilexur's help in freeing trapped souls has been recorded.
The ground shakes and shifts as an undead minion rises to protect his master's interests. 
The undead minion pops and looks pretty cool too:
The minion isn't too hard to kill, especially for a vampire, though you will need a handful of heals. Without too much trouble it will die:
An undead soul's bite grazes you.
An undead soul's kick scratches you.
An undead soul tries to bite you with his disease ridden teeth!
(a strand of polished jade gets damaged)
Your pierce rips an undead soul!
Your pierce gashes an undead soul!
An undead soul is DEAD!!
An undead soul screams loudly!
An undead soul exclaims 'The master will avenge me, and then you shall be turned to dust!'
Vilexur's deeds have been noticed by The Undead Minion Master.
An undead soul gasps his last breath and blood spurts out of his mouth and ears.
You get 967100 gold coins from the corpse of an undead soul.
The corpse of an undead soul holds:
Quite a nice amount of gold on it too. Thanks to Zistrosk for running this quest. I hope I can find some more gravestones and am ready when The Undead Minion Master appears.

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