Sunday, August 21, 2016

Failure, Uncertainty and Mending Broken Hearts

I haven't posted on here in months and have hardly been seen at all on in the Realms of Despair in this time. When on a few people have been sending me tells asking if everything is ok and how I am doing which I do appreciate, but things haven't been good lately for me in real life. Since the middle of January the other great love of my life, my wife of almost 8 years hasn't been well. It started off innocently appearing as a summertime flu, then the doctor's said it was bronchitis. Things didn't get better and by May they were saying she had heart failure.

Since then there has been much time spent in hospitals, more tests, ten different medications she has to take every day, doctor appointments and regular heart rehabilitation therapy. So far these treatments seem to be helping and I am trying to remain hopeful.

As a result of all this a lot of other areas of my life that used to matter more have fallen behind. I just wish things could be like they used to be before. In the meantime if you see me don't be scared to send a tell.

Thanks for all the support and understanding.

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