Sunday, March 29, 2015

Rest In Peace Zach

The Realms of Despair have been in a state of shock and grief following the tragic news of the death of one of the immortals of the game - Zach. The official statement from the administrators was:
(1033)  Kali         03/24/15     Zach
Recently we have learned that the Realms of Despair has lost one of its young bright stars.  The family of Zach has contacted the immortal staff, as well as some of his mortal friends who reached out, to let us know that Zach has passed away.  Zach has been a long and devoted player of the Realms. He recently joined the immortal ranks and inspired us with his enthusiasm and vigor for bringing positive changes to the game for his fellow players.  We are sad to have lost a vital player, but more importantly, we are
devastated to have lost a good friend and a good person.
As a tribute, we are promoting Zach to level 56, True Immortal, at which point we will move him to retired status.  As a lasting tribute, the pedagogic spirit in the Umbrageous Ruins will be renamed to the pedagogic spirit of Zach so that he may teach and train all those would follow his ways.  In this way his memory will live on.
I personally wasn't close to Zach though had interacted with him on a few occasions and had nothing bad to say about him. His loss has rippled throughout the realms touching players in different ways.

A week later and I am still in shock and confused about it.

I'll miss him and feel deeply for his family and friends.

Rest in peace Zach.

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