Friday, October 24, 2014


One topic of talk in the area of modernising MUDs focuses on the use of accounts. Basically this would allow one account to give access to all of player's characters. Recently I've read two different people's thoughts on the topic. First Matthew “Chaos” Sheahan wrote an article for Imaginary Realities titled "Your MUD Should Have an Account System" and secondly Tharius wrote a blog post titled Looking forward, the Realms of the future? Reading both of these close together got me thinking and scarily enough creating a plus/minus/interesting list on the idea. Here are my thoughts:

  • Quicker for established players to make a new character. No need to spend time in newbie areas.
  • Not having to remember passwords/names of several alts. I've lost lowbie characters from this.
  • Personal configurations can be saved for a player. This will mean every time I make a new character I won't have to worry about going config -compass, config +gag, config +brief...
  • Achievements can be stored between characters.
  • Easy to identify a player from their account instead of characters. For example being a member of Arcanes only my mana using classes can be inducted. If I am playing ip 1 on a thief or barbarian a lot of people don't know that I am on.
  • You can supply more information about yourself.
  • If it was linked to some other account i.e. email, facebook, google+ it could be possible to allow achievements in game to be shared through other platforms
  • Depending on how it was implemented it could take a lot of a coders time that may be better spend on other updates.
  • Some people wouldn't want all of their characters linked together in one account.
  • Character sharing/trading could be more complicated.
  • It may make it a little longer for completely new players to the game to get into it and hence more likely to give up before they've started.
  • If someone gets/hacks your password they have access to ALL of your characters and equipment.
  • The impact on multiplay. Currently the rules are you may only have 8 peaceful characters or 1 deadly character logged in to the game. This has always been enforced by looking at ip numbers but this approach has its own flaws. Nowadays people can easily get around this to use more characters than the rules allow by using multiple ip's. This was a fair system in the old days 20 years ago when most people only had a single ip through a dial-up access internet account. Nowadays they could use a wi-fi connection on one computer to log 8 characters and then use their 3G connection on another computer to log another 8. At the same time if you have two different people in the one location sharing the same wi-fi connection then it can appear as one person using more than one character. An account system could be a different way to enforce this rule.
Either way it's an interesting idea to think about.

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