Monday, July 28, 2014

Quests, Midway and Other Challenges

Been a little slow on the updates lately. Besides being out of town for a week I've been up to a lot of little things in the Realms of Despair lately including:

Completing more quests.
The following was posted on the main Realms of Despair website:
This quest was fun. It involved running around Coral Depths searching for treasure. I quested on my lizardman since being imbued with aqua breath is always handy when underwater. I was successful and managed to find myself five treasures as follows:
Traveling the North Road
As you continue your tour through the village, you enjoy the varied colors of the coral walls to the east. A pastel green house has an exit to the west. The door a slightly darker green then the house front. To the northwest is a dark purple house and farther north is one made of bright yellow.
Exits: north west southwest
A mermaid floats about here, enjoying the view.

You begin your search...

Your search reveals a buried treasure!

>get treasure
You get a buried treasure.

>c id treasure
Object 'a buried treasure found by Jessyl' is infused with your magic...
It is a level 51 treasure, weight 1.
Special properties:  none
This treasure has a gold value of 0.
All up it was a nice easy quest, accessible to all and well publicised with the use of the twitter account.

Midway of Despair
The immortals have chosen to open up the Midway of Despair area. This area has some great fun items like dicing cups and the best missile weapon in the game - the supple longbow. On top of these was a new surprise:
The three retro areas were the old Village of Edo, Two Rivers and Arachnos. I have fond memories of both Two Rivers and Arachnos as back when my first character was around level 20 my first quest to  join a guild involved getting items from these areas. The first was a set of multicolored juggling balls and the second was the black knight's visor. The black knight's visor was from one of the first dragons I remember coming across in the game - Yevaud the usurper. The first time I tried killing him I remember struggling. It took me a few goes and I learnt about how gas breath attacks could scrap containers. This time though it was a lot easier:
Yevaud's Lair
Yevaud, the Usurper of Darkhaven, resides here.  A voice cries out, "BEWARE, the Usurper of Darkhaven lives here!  FLEE while you can!"
But even Yevaud has his master...or so you deduce.
Exits: east
(Red Aura) Yevaud, the Usurper of Darkhaven, grins with malice at you.

>l yevaud
Old, scaly, but still with a lot of bite in him left.

Yevaud is in perfect health.

>k yevaud
Your slash GUTS Yevaud!
Yevaud's blast of gas brushes you.
Yevaud's slash scratches you.
Your slash GUTS Yevaud!
Yevaud is DEAD!!
Yevaud screams furiously as he falls to the ground in a heap!
You get 2695 gold coins from the corpse of Yevaud.
The corpse of Yevaud holds:
     (Invis) a black knight's visor

>g all corpse
You get a black knight's visor from the corpse of Yevaud.
It was great to go back to this old area and the latest news update hinted to possible future updates to old areas.

Restocking and Arcanes Contest
After losing all my equipment on one of my back up vampires I've been trying to re-equip it slowly. At the same time Arcanes is running a contest to donate as much different equipment for the order. I've been killing different mobs and making sure I kill once for myself and once for the order. I'll post more on how I go about killing mobs in another post. Its funny how a bad card from the deck has led to me having enjoying the challenge of killing mobs solo that I haven't hit in ages. So far I've killed Rez, Dracula, Set, Manticore, Shimmergloom and Edo stuff. If I get time would like to hit some mobs in Tower of Despair plus Julajimus or maybe even Abattoir.

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