Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Today I've been checking out the MUDStats website. This site has all sorts of info, statistics and graphs about different MUDs. It is automatically generated and has been collecting data for a while. For me the questions to use the data to find answers to include:
  • How popular is Realms of Despair compared to other muds?
  • Are player numbers increasing/decreasing?
  • How many people are on the game regularly?
  • What time of day is the most and least popular?
The current data summary shows the following:
Ranked 12th of 848 worlds statistically.
Ranked 6th of 362 worlds in the Fantasy genre statistically.
Voted 53rd on MUDConnector.Com.
Voted 10th on TopMUDSites.Com.

It also shows that for the last month on average there has been 108 players on with a maximum of 156 and minimum of 47.
One thing I love about this site are the graphs. The first interesting one is a graph of the average number of players over the last year:
This graph shows an overall rather steady number of players though an there is an increase during the colder months. Notice that the lowest number of players was around this time last year. The second graph shows a little more on these trends:
The above graph is a little inconclusive as to whether play numbers are increasing or decreasing recently. It is hard to extrapolate into the future of which way it is going. All it definitely shows is that there is a trend of a spike in player numbers around the Northern Hemisphere Winter months and a drop around Summer. As for what time of day the most players are on is shown below:
A pretty obvious trend on this graph is that the least players are on around 3am. I'm not certain of exactly which time zone the MUDStats website bases this on but I'm guessing it is some North American time.
To me the graphs are the most interesting part of the site (but hey I do have a degree in it). The rest of the site contains more info and a huge list of reviews. Definitely worth checking out between repops or if you're on during the quiet times around 3am.

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  1. Hi Vilexur,

    This time last year coincided with the RoDpolcalypse ... an extended period of down time caused by a bad hard drive where no one connected at all for a period of a couple weeks starting June 13. Conran's echo about only being a few minutes has gone down as an ironic legend. This was followed by HS week.