Saturday, March 1, 2014

Seafarer's Research - part 2

In my last post about the fathomer's quest I jumped the musket a bit. It turns out I was chasing the wrong captain in Raven Tor instead I should have been hitting good old Captain Lodd in Ocean Keep. Once dead the following happens:
DYING>You feign an attack, then strike from the opposite side!
Your feint hits Captain Lodd!
As your deadly blow hits, Captain Lodd collapses in agony.
Captain Lodd is DEAD!!
Captain Lodd wheezes 'The king will hear of this.  My death will be avenged.'
The captain appears to make one last attempt at raising his weapon. 
He falters, and you see he is trying to use his last moments to conceal a precious item.
Captain Lodd hits the ground ... DEAD.
You get 824144 gold coins from the corpse of Captain Lodd.
The corpse of Captain Lodd holds:
     (Glowing) a sword with the king's crest
     (Magical) (Glowing) (Humming) a jade cameo
     a sea captain's dial
You gain 7680 experience points from your success!

Object 'a sea captain's dial' is infused with your magic...
It is a level 35 armor, weight 1.
Special properties:  none
This armor has a gold value of 0.
Armor class is 2 of 2.

> exam dial
You take a closer look at a sea captain's dial in inventory...
Small and delicate, this dial is made of whisper thin metal. Etched upon both sides are intersecting lines and numbers at certain points.
As you look more closely, you notice that it is in superb condition.
It appears to be within or below your level range.
After taking this dial back to Erneth:
Erneth stands over an anvil, pounding away at his work.
Erneth looks up at you, smiling.
Erneth asks you, 'Did you find the dial?'
> give dial erneth
You give a sea captain's dial to Erneth.
Erneth smiles at the sight of the sea captain's dial.
Erneth says 'This is most excellent. It will work perfectly.'
Erneth says 'Where did you get it? Actually I'd rather not know.'
Erneth says 'I will get to work finishing off your astrolabe, it will still take a bit of time.'
Erneth says 'Why don't you come back tomorrow, and I will have it finished for you.'
Erneth bows his head slightly then hurriedly returns to his work.
 Next was a little waiting for Erneth to get on with his job. After about a day of mud time he completes his task but with a little catch:
Erneth stands over an anvil, pounding away at his work.
Erneth looks down at his hands, unable to meet your gaze.
Erneth says 'I am so sorry.'
Erneth says 'I had just finished your astrolabe, when someone entered my hut.'
Erneth exclaims 'I tried to tell him I was closed, but he just demanded the astrolabe, he knew all about it!'
Erneth says 'He pulled his sword on me and threatened my life.'
Erneth sighs to himself.
Erneth says 'If you find him I'm sure you will be able to get it back.'
Erneth says 'He mentioned an Island he hides out on, called Stormpoint.'
Erneth looks up, finally meeting your eyes.
Erneth says 'I have never heard of it myself.'
Erneth says 'However, I'm sure if you mention the name of the island to a ship's captain, you might be able to get a ride out to it.'
Erneth nods to himself, feeling better about the ordeal.
Erneth says 'Good luck my friend. If you get it back you should show it to Noah, I'm sure he would like to see it.'
After this it's now time to gear up and prepare for a fight and adventure in Raven Tor.

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