Saturday, November 2, 2013

Realms of Despair Blogs and Links

I started writing this blog for a variety of different reasons. These reasons included the following:
  • To give publicity to the Realms of Despair. They always want more publicity and every extra site with information helps to add to the community.
  • To record my experiences. This includes setting goals, sharing lucky breaks and information I find. It also includes adding to the history or muds in general as to what it feels like.
  • To let others know what I get up to on the game and give them ideas of things they can try.
  • To give a few pointers to newer players.
Today I wanted to share some links to a few of my favourite lesser well known sites with Realms of Despair content on them.

Satan's Haven
This blog is the personal blog of Damon's. I used to chat to him at all hours of the night. It seemed like it was always late for one of us when we chatted together. While there are a number of posts on this player's life outside of the game there are number of posts about realms related topics including Danbala, dog ears, various equipment, glory, leaving a guild, random logs, new area releases, helter skelter, Gorog's Watchdog, Ravenhill, and guild tension. This blog always made me think that I should start my own blog and I could make it how I wanted it.

Shadowflaymes Repertoire of Knowledge
The Shadowflayme Repertoire of Knowledge was put together by a fellow vampire. Some useful information on here though only a handful of posts.

Tharius' Blog of Despair | Adventures of a Disheveled Ranger
This is a blog that is updated on a regular basis. I like how it is written as telling the story of Tharius and his thoughts on various happenings in the game. Well written and provides inspiration for this blog to be regularly updated.

New Darkhaven - Community
The Realms of Despair community page on Google+ is added to on a regular basis as well with news and interesting links to relevant sites.

Realms of Despair brought teens together
Not so much as a site about Realms of Despair but a story about a couple of players. I do wonder whatever happened to them afterwards. Read it yourself to see what I mean.

Mari's Realms of Despair Site
Some of the information is a little outdated but I like the design and style of this site.

My life in the Realms of Despair
A flickr site with some screenshots of some rare items.

Zistrosk's zMud Page
I personally don't use zMud but this site has some samples of scripts and triggers that can be used with it to make the game easier. Scripts/triggers/aliases are one of the more complicated areas of the game. Being able to write some great scripts can make some of your characters into quite advanced bots. One reason I included this site is I love that he used a picture from the old commodore 64 game Druid on his page. Druids are the only class in Realms of Despair that I do not have an avatar of. I really should make one.

Mud on a Boat
A weird video. Maybe too much time on their hands but you can't question their enthusiasm. In retrospect not sure if I should have included it in here as a favourite link.

Again thanks for reading. Hope you get something out of this.

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