Sunday, October 24, 2010

Percival and Hasi Zegdou

Logged on today and was a little disappointed there were no other people I could find to kill things with. When I can't find anyone else to do things with I like to either try killing things on my own, try to make some gold, go exploring or level. I'd like to start a fathomer or another cleric but it felt rather daunting so instead I thought I'd try killing something on my own.

The target I wanted to kill was Sir Percival. He has a crusade which is a nice light for devout fighter types and I have a spare warrior who needs one. I tracked him down in the Blood Sea and things were going well until I needed to repair mid kill with him at covered in blood. I fled and recalled out for repairs but by the time I got back to the Blood Sea he'd teleported out. I tried to track him down in the usual spots - KoTR, ToE and Shadowport. He was in KoTR for a short while then he disappeared but I couldn't find him anywhere until I spotted him in Vast Horizons. This was bad because he wasn't leaving VH. I gave up on Percival and went hunting for Hasi Zegdou.

If you haven't met Hasi Zegdou he appears at a random spot and buys random pieces of equipment. So far I've seen him in Revelation City, Cursed Lands, Bartok's, Shadowport and the Shire. He has at least one other area he hides in that I haven't managed to track down but today I found him in the Shire...
A Smial
You are inside a smial, a hole in the ground which serves as the proper
dwelling place for halflings.  As you look around this private abode, you feel
as if you were intruding and so quickly cover your eyes.  The only exit lies
to the east.
Exits: east
Hasi Zegdou is shrouded in flowing shadow and light.
A member of the village goes about her daily business.
Hasi Zegdou says 'I am always looking for new treasure, Vilexur.'

You say 'treasure'
Hasi Zegdou says 'I am currently hunting for a Cloak of Demons.'
Hasi Zegdou says 'I will pay you 930944 gold each time you give me a Cloak of Demons.'
He offers you around 1 million gold or so - more if you have higher charisma. I've seen him offering gold for templer gauntlets, crystaline teardrops, ring of magic, gloom's beckoning, golden plates, ice earrings and obsidian cloaks. For junk eq like ice earrings and obsidian cloaks its certainly worth stocking up on them for when he's buying.

Not much more to say about today. Working on a few other things still - planning to help out some people get some barbarian eq next week and talking about taking a group to Ha'rach in the Desert of Despair but need to stock up on a few items in between.


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