Saturday, January 10, 2015

Russian Roulette

Lately I've been doing a lot of teleporting about trying to hit some rooms in Vast Horizons. There are still some unsolved mysteries in that area. I've found the most reliable and safest way to reach the area is to stock up on Zombie candy from Dragon Cult and then heading to the Otherland area before teleporting away. I do this as teleporting from the Otherland can only lead to teleporting to Wild Tundra, Cursed Lands, Sea of Sorrows or Vast Horizons. Oh and occasionally this room in Knights of the Round:
A Nice Place To Teleport Into
You're in a room that isn't really here. So, ignore it.
Exits: none
Besides trying to get the various totem items for different characters one of the best and easy rooms to play with is the Drunken Risks. Here you can play a game of Russian Roulette with a chance to make some easy gold:
Drunken Risks
An eyeball coating film of hazy smoke lingers permanently in the air, the negligible lighting accentuating the effect. Blink as you will, the view will not improve any. Tables lay scattered about the room, and bottles are everywhere, most of them empty. Seasoned looking groups of men sit at the tables, some speaking in hushed voices, others erupting into bawdy laughter.
Exits: south
(Red Aura) A hulking man glares about the room.
Vassily shimmers beneath an aura of dark energy.

> s
Liquid Luck
Exits: north east
A hazy pallor of smoke rises to the roof, creating a foggy haze throughout the dimly lit room. A chunky wooden table of irregular shape sits in the corner of the room, surrounded by a cluster of scratched and mismatched chairs. A clear bottle rests on the table, surrounded by a set of small glass tumblers. Even an optimistic person would have trouble viewing this bottle as 'half full' since the liquid line runs well below an estimated half way mark.
(Red Aura) A man with half an ear sidles up to you with a sneer on his face.
Mikhail wonders 'Interested in some fun?'

> say yes
You say 'yes'
Mikhail says 'We have a game in the next room going that we like to share with the new folks.'
Mikhail says 'It only costs 50000 gold pieces to join in the thrills and fun.'

> give 50000 coins mik
You give 50,000 coins to Mikhail.
Mikhail says 'Fine then, give this token to Demetry, and he'll get you set up.'
Mikhail gives you a roulette game token.

> e
Roulette, Russian Style
A table is nestled into this far corner of the room, and seated at this table are a wild assortment of hard looking men. Each man has probably consumed the equivalent of a bottle and a half of vodka, yet despite the slightly red eyes, it is not immediately evident. Everyone in this room smokes, and the air is thick with it. As strangers approach, the conversation quiets, and all eyes are upon the newcomer.
Exits: west
(Red Aura) A bald man with a long beard rises from the table.

Roulette, Russian Style
Exits: west
(Red Aura) A bald man with a long beard rises from the table.
> look demetry
All the hair from Demetry's head appears to have migrated south to his chin, which sports a full reddish hued beard. Always the wheeler and dealer of the crowd, Demetry loves to gamble. He'll even gamble with his life. Or yours.
Demetry is in perfect health.

> give token demetry
You give a roulette game token to Demetry.
Demetry raises an eyebrow at you.
Demetry says 'When my father was a lad, a wizard showed him a curious weapon. It can fire projectiles a great distance with a loud bang.'
Demetry says 'When the wizard left town, he gave my father the weapon, so he could clear the fields of those rabid gophers more easily.'
Demetry says 'The weapon has only six charges, and then it must be recharged again to work.'
Demetry says 'My father was a popular man in his day, and had many friends. When everyone discovered he had this weapon, his popularity increased.'
Demetry says 'One day, he was sitting around with some of his buddies, and they made up a game of chance, whereupon the weapon was given only one charge.'
Demetry says 'Then he and his friends would pass it around and point it at their own heads. '
Demetry says 'If the weapon did not fire, then that meant the Gods were smiling favourably.'
Demetry says 'If the weapon did fire, then it meant that the person had no favour in the eyes of the Gods and could not continue living.'
Demetry says 'We call this game 'Russian Roulette' after my father, who was a big gambling man.'
Demetry says 'If you would like to try this game out to see if you have the Gods' favour, tell me to show you the weapon.'

> tell demetry show me the weapon
You tell Demetry 'show me the weapon'
Demetry removes a curious weapon from the table and gives it to you.
You point it at your head... and pull the trigger!
Nothing happens.
Demetry gives you 10,000,000 coins.
Demetry says 'Take that as your reward.'
Demetry grumbles.
Demetry exclaims 'Now get out of my sight!'
You return to Darkhaven with a smug, yet relieved, feeling. 
Of course you can't win them all:
> tell demetry show me the weapon
You tell Demetry 'show me the weapon'
Demetry removes a curious weapon from the table and gives it to you.
You point it at your head... and pull the trigger!
(a huge shield of oak gets damaged)
..Everything begins to fade to black.

You feel yourself leaving your body... rising up into the air, you feel more free than you have ever felt before...

However, before your deity comes to collect your soul, you feel a strange pulling sensation as strange and colorful mists swirl around you...
Overall I'd guess that the chances of success here are about 50%. If you lose you will need to supplicate for your corpse but overall it is definitely worth taking the chance if you teleport here. If you happen to have half a dozen characters teleporting around at the same time then you can hit this room fairly regularly and make a little gold while trying to solve other puzzles.

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  1. This is neat; I wasn't aware of the Otherland trick to get into VH more easily...I should like to try this out some time!